Michael Large, Lawyer


TO BUYERS, Law@Large can:

- Update and improve your template Request for Proposals and other solicitation documents (RFXs), because liability risk can be reduced and evaluation flexibility added.


- Rework purchasing bylaws, policies and procedures, because trade agreements and best practices call for it.


- Review and rework a particular RFX, because you'd like to be confident it meets your legal and business objectives.


- Advise on complex and high-risk procurement projects, because it's worth spending four figures to save seven.


Providing procurement advice to buyers and bidders


TO BIDDERS, Law@Large can:

- Review and advise on a particular RFX, because you need to know the risks before pouring resources into a bid.


- Draft questions during the query period, because this may be your only chance to barter with the buyer.


- Add clarifications, perhaps even exceptions, to your proposal, because balancing liability risk against disqualification risk can be a high-wire act.


SERVICES:  smoother sailing...