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Frequently Asked Questions (page 2)

Question:  Do you do real estate, family law, criminal law, wills and estates, or the like?


Answer:  I'm afraid not.  These days, I don't practise the kinds of law that are useful to most human beings, because my mid-life as a practising lawyer has focused primarily on procurement matters.


Question:  Do you do litigation, business law, or the like?


Answer:  I would be happy to assist on a litigation file, provided that the dispute relates to a past procurement process, a seasoned litigator is retained to run the file (e.g. to draft pleadings, make submissions, etc.), and I see no actual or perceived conflict of interest.  For business law matters, I may be in a position to act, depending on the circumstances.  Let's discuss it.

Question:  Do you offer training services on bidding-and-tendering law?


Answer:  If retained to work on a particular procurement file, then I may agree to deliver training services as part of my legal advice.  For example, if you engage me to update your procurement templates, then I could train your staff regarding those updates, and of course, I would explain the relevant law.  However, if you'd like  to buy a stand-alone course regarding the law of bidding-and-tendering in Canada, then I would provide those services only through NECI.

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