Michael Large, Lawyer


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  What are your rates?


Answer:  I aim to keep my overhead low and my rates reasonable.  My usual rate ranges from $220 to $300 per hour, depending largely on the urgency and complexity of the work.  In some cases, a higher or lower rate may apply.  For example, if a government entity is subject to a prescribed rate for outside legal services (by law, regulation, or policy), and if I agree to act for that entity, then the prescribed rate would apply. 

Question:  When does the clock on your fees start to tick?


Answer:  I take care to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially when billing clients for services.  If you give me a call or drop me a note to discuss your file or my engagement in a preliminary way, you won't receive a bill for those discussions.  I start the clock only after I'm formally engaged on a file, and then only after I've actually started work on it.

Question:  Do you require any payment up-front?


Answer:  No.  I work with clients who pay their bills promptly, so I don't ask for any payment in advance.  This way, I can avoid the use of trust accounts, greatly simplifying the administration of my practice.

Question:  How do I formally engage your services?


Answer:  Basically, you and I would agree in writing that I have been engaged as your lawyer on a particular file.  I prefer to use a "Standing Retainer" letter.  We would sign that letter just once, then sign one-page Call-ups to add specific matters to my services mandate.

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